TOP TEN SALES March 2017

Better late than never!  Here are my top sales from March.

  1.  Womens Wilsons Shearling Sheepskin Coat  $124.99

Wilsons Shearling

The Story:

This shearling coat came from a mid-market Goodwill.  It was clean and in really good shape but made by Wilson’s leather.  Wilson’s isn’t really know for their sheepskin coats and this style doesn’t do as well for women’s as it does for mens.  However, we got the price we were hoping for and the turn around was quick – 5 days.  Could we have been patient and got more?  It’s possible but in March the season for shearling coats is ending and we didn’t want to hang on to it for six months.

It was started on auction at $124.99 and received one bid.

Price Paid:   $10.00


2.  Herringbone Ralph Lauren 2pc Linen Suit  $117.50

Ralph Lauren Suit 16

The Story:

This was a fun one!  Every once in a while you have those days when you run into a bunch of good stuff at a thrift store and have a really good day shopping.  I was shopping at a mid-market Salvation Army and ran into a ton of size 14 & 16 womens Ralph Lauren jackets, pants and suits.  A majority of them were equestrian or high-end items that re-sell well.  I believe I bought 23 different Ralph Lauren pieces from one store that day but that wasn’t it!  I know that the Salvation Army tends to re-distribute their clothes to all of their stores in a certain market so you might see more of a similar item at another store. As soon as I left that store I went to every Salvation Army in the metro and found more Ralph Lauren size 14/16 at every other store except for one.  When I was all done visiting each store I ended up with over 40 different RL pieces from the same donor (I would assume).    The other good part?  It was CHEAP!  Most of the single items were $3.49 and the suits were $5.49.

This suit was started off on auction at $41.99 and was bid up to its selling price of $117.50.

Price Paid:   $5.49


3.  Vintage 50s Penneys Flannel Sports Shirt  $89.99

Penneys Shirt

The Story:

This was purchased at a mid-market Goodwill and it’s easily one of my favorite things to find.  I started my eBay career selling men’s vintage clothing and this is right up my alley.  A few things about shirts from the 40s and 50s to look for – most of the time the button holes go horizontally not vertical (see pic above) and another key give away is the loop collar closure.

The buyer of this shirt has made multiple purchases from us – repeat customers are key to helping raise your prices.

This was started off on auction at $31.99 and was bid up to its selling price of $89.99.

Price Paid:  $3.50


4.  Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxfords $81.00

Allen Edmonds

The Story:

These were purchased at a mid-market Goodwill that happened to come out in a cart as I was shopping.  Allen Edmonds are great for re-sell and don’t last long at thrift stores.  The soles were fairly worn but they were really clean and photographed well.

We started them off on auction at $76.99 and they were bid up to the selling price of $81.00,

Price Paid:  $5.99


5.  Herringbone Pronto Uomo 2pc Suit 54 XL  $76.99

Pronto Uomo 54 XL

The Story:

This was purchased at a mid-market Goodwill.  As you probably know, suits and blazers are our bread and butter items that we do well with consistently.  Big and tall is the way to go for higher dollars and they are commonly found at thrift stores.   This was a unique size that wouldn’t have a ton of bidders because it was an XL (Extra Long). The key on this type of item is to start it high and wait for the right buyer to come along.

We started this off on auction at $76.99 and it didn’t sell so we turned it into a buy it now and it sold shortly after.

Price Paid:  $7.99


6 (tie).  Vintage 60s Mink Fur / Leather Coat  $74.99

Mink Fur

The Story:

This was purchased at large market thrift store awhile ago.  I specifically remember being excited because the price was right and I thought we could turn it fairly quickly.  However, it took us longer than expected.  This past year, fur coats have been really down for me personally (mink, fox, etc).  Shearling fur coats are selling at a normal rate but others aren’t selling like they did for us a couple of years ago.  I’ve become more hesitant to purchase them unless the price is really affordable.  I’d like to hear from other people on this – what kind of success have you had with fur coats?

We started this off on auction at $99.99 and it didn’t sell so we turned it into a buy it now of $99.99.  We waited.  We waited some more.  Finally, we received an offer of $74.99 via messaging – we didn’t have ‘best offer’ as an option on the listing but added it and accepted the offer.  Another interesting thing to note – it went international.

Still a great sale – not disappointed but wondering what I’m missing with fur coats the past year or so.

Price Paid:  $13.00


6 (tie).  Oxxford 2pc Suit $74.99

Oxxford Suit

The Story:

This was purchased at a mid-market Goodwill.  When you see OXXFORD suits you buy them.  Again, when you see OXXFORD suits you buy them.

This is an older model suit but they hold re-sell value well.  This particular suit had no sizing so it was based strictly off the measurements.  We guessed it to be a 38 or 40 R but made it very clear in the listing to check the measurements before purchasing and we didn’t have any problems with returns.

It was placed on auction at $74.99 and didn’t sell so we turned it into a buy it now and it sold shortly after.

Price Paid:  $6.50


6 (tie).  Birkenstock Boston Clogs size 14  $74.99


The Story:

This was purchased at the same time as the Allen Edmonds shown earlier on this list.  These were extremely clean and hard to tell if they had been worn more than a couple of times.

We started these off on auction at $74.99 and they didn’t sell so we turned them in to a buy it now and sold shortly after.

Price Paid:   $7.99


9.  CM Gold Series Blazer 62 R  $65.00

CM Gold Series

The Story:

This was purchased at a mid-market Goodwill.  I knew it would do well – size 64 R and it was a traditional blazer, navy blue with gold buttons.

It was started off on auction at $41.99 and was bid up to its selling price of $65.00.

Price Paid:  $5.50


10.  Coogi Sweater 4XL  $64.99

Coogi Sweater

The Story:

This was purchased in a small-market Goodwill.  Coogi typically does very well even if it has loose threads.  The brighter the colors with Coogi – the better!  We were starting to run out of sweater season when we started this auction so we tried to price it aggressively without having it sit for a long time.

We started this off on auction and it sold but the customer never paid.  We ended up re-listing it as a buy it now and it sold a few weeks later.

Price Paid:  $4.00


How About You?

It’s been a little bit since March but what have you had success with?

What are your thoughts on selling fur coats?

What surprised you recently?


Let us know in the comments below!




2 thoughts on “TOP TEN SALES March 2017

  1. Hey Jesse!

    First and foremost, the best part about this business is the freedom, right :)? Although I’ve missed reading your blog posts, I am certainly grateful to have the flexibility that you enjoy too!

    Our best sales for March were:
    1. Rock Revival Women’s Jeans (size 34), paid $25, sold for $126. This is a great example of something that I would have passed on just 6 months ago, due to the high price on the front end. Larger sizes sell though, and these lasted less than a week!
    2. Lot of 5 BR 34×32 gavin chinos, paid $5, sold for $90. Got these at the last stop thrift store on sale day — great size, all the same style and I think there was a black, gray, green and two khakis in the lot. These were listed for less than a month.
    3. NWT Coach Newsboy cap, paid $2, sold for $80. Picked this up on a whim, I almost never look at hats. Saw the signature Coach print hanging there and took it down, the hat still had the tags on it. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t in the glass case at this GW store. I had it listed for a while, as I priced mine a bit higher than others on eBay, since it was new. Had about a dozen watchers when it sold.
    4. Lot of 5 Levi’s 34×34 569 jeans, paid about $15, sold for $70. I just happened to get a few of these jeans at a local GW on sale day, listed them, then saw 3 more pairs in similar condition the next week. I decided to add them together. These were just in “work” condition, nothing too pretty, but it’s the type of thing that lots of men wear every day.
    5-7 (ties). Oscar de la Renta suit (40L), Jos. A Bank suits (44L) – 2 of these; paid about $3 each, each sold for $60. All of these were long-tail suits that were listed 3-6 months as GTC listings.

    Regarding your question on furs, I don’t have any ideas — I’ve only sold one faux-fur coat (that I can remember), and it was quite a while ago.


    • REALLY great sales!

      Love the Rock Revival story – it’s true! Investing a little more upfront can pay off if you’re confident in a estimated selling price.

      I have ventured into selling lots a little bit more – especially during this time of year. Recently we sold a lot of 15 Harley t-shirts for over $100. I paid $2 for each shirt but felt comfortable that we could triple that.

      Also, I just left a garage sale yesterday where I bought 14 mens Tommy Bahama t-shirts for $1 each and 14 more mens Harley shirts for $2 each. Also a bunch (22) of kidrobot (vinyl toy) t-shirts that were all new. I have no idea what the really are but they were $1 each — all at the same sale! We’ll work on them next week and get them posted. I’m anxious to see how they do. I think these type of sales are critical during late spring and summer.

      Thanks as always for sharing Matt! I keep learning from you!


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