TOP TEN SALES February 2017

Hey there!  Here are my top sales from February.  Enjoy!

  1.  Robert Graham Shirt  $136.15

Robert Graham Shirt

The Story:

This shirt was purchased in a small, downtown thrift store.  It didn’t come from a clean goodwill or something similar but instead came from a total dive thrift store.  I happen to come across two Robert Graham shirts at this store and picked them both up.  The other shirt sold for $49.99 as a buy it now and didn’t sell on auction.  This one took off on auction which is my primary reason for starting every item off on auction first. You never know what a bidding war will produce. I still haven’t figured out the science of Robert Graham shirts because they seem to vary across the board in price.  If you have an idea let me know.  They have always sold well for me but I don’t know why one sold for $50 and the other for $136.

I started it off on auction at $49.99 and it was bid up to its selling price.

Price Paid:  $10.00


2.  Vtg Levis Big E Trucker Jacket $99.99

Levis Big E Jacket

The Story:

This was purchased in a large market thrift store.  It’s kind of a no brainer when you find Big E Levis stuff.  Condition matters but I would buy any Big E no matter what the condition if the price was right.  This jacket is a Type III trucker which is more common and easier to find on eBay.  They range in price anywhere from $35 to $150 depending on size and condition.  I decided to start it out at $99.99 and got the bid I was looking for.  If interested in learning more about Levis jackets here is a good read.

As mentioned, I started it out on auction at $99.99 and got one bid.

Price Paid:  $5.00


3.  Vtg Polo Ralph Lauren Jacket  $82.99

RL Polo Jacket Vintage

The Story:

This was the highest selling item from my ‘thrift store experiment’ out of Des Moines.  Vintage Polo can do really well depending on the item.  I have spent countless hours over the years researching vintage Ralph Lauren items and have become fairly knowledgeable at it.  The hard part is being able to find it!

This jacket had a few minor flaws but overall was in great shape.  It’s a unique jacket from the Polo ‘Country’ line that I hadn’t seen before.  That in itself is a good indicator – if you come across something that you haven’t seen before it’s probably worth researching.

I started this off on auction at $99.99 and didn’t receive any bids.  I turned it into a buy it now at $99.99 and someone offered me $82.00 a few weeks later and I accepted.

Price Paid:  $6.00


4.  Ted Baker 2pc Suit 46 R $78.00

Ted Baker Suit

The Story:

I bought this suit at a local goodwill on a non-sale day.  Ted Baker is all over the place when it comes to pricing but I felt pretty confident that I could make a decent profit off this suit even if I had to sit on it awhile.  Luckily, I got the price I wanted and more on auction.

I started this off on auction at $74.99 and it was bid up to $78.00

Price Paid:  $13.00


5.  LL Bean Sporting Hunting Jacket  $78.00

LL Bean Jacket

The Story:

This was purchased in mid-market goodwill.   Over time you begin to feel fabrics in a different way and you can tell quality immediately by the touch.  Quick side note – I can’t believe I just wrote the past sentence.  I didn’t imagine this for my life.

Back to the LL Bean jacket…the minute I touched the fabric of this jacket I knew it was quality!  I didn’t have to research or think about anything.  I looked it over for flaws and it was in my cart.

I started this off on auction at $74.99 and it was bid up to $78.00.  I thought about asking a higher price for this jacket but it weighed nearly six pounds and I wasn’t confident in getting $100 plus shipping.  I thought $74.99 plus shipping was more in line with what the customer would pay.

Price Paid:   $7.50


6.  UNIK Leather Motorcycle Jacket  $74.99

Unik Leather

The Story:

This jacket came from a mid-market goodwill.  It seems as though all leather, motorcycle jackets are overpriced at most thrift stores.  This jacket was borderline for me but I felt that with some patience I could make a good profit on it.  Unik jackets don’t re-sell for a ton but I thought I could double my money at a minimum.  There was some rust around a few of the buttons and one of the pocket zippers didn’t work but the overall condition was pretty good.

I started this jacket off on auction at $74.99 and it didn’t sell.  I turned it into a buy it now for the same price and it sold six or so weeks later.

Price Paid:  $25.00


7.  Vintage Austin Reed 3pc Suit 46 L $74.99

Austin Reed 3pc Suit

The Story:

This was purchased in a small town, Nebraska goodwill.  If you’ve read my stuff before you know that vintage as well as big and tall do well.  The two combined are an automatic!

I started it off on auction and turned it into a buy it now after it didn’t sell.  I was more than willing to wait it out because it just took the right buyer.

Unique Sells.

Price Paid:  $10.50


8.  Allen Edmonds Hastings Oxford $74.00

Allen Edmonds Shoes

The Story:

These were purchased locally at a goodwill.  If you can find Allen Edmonds that are clean and in good shape they will almost always do well.  I researched this style and felt that my starting price was in the upper half for this style of shoe (non cordovan Hastings).

I started it off on auction at $69.99 and they were bid up to $74.00.

Price Paid:  $7.99


9.  Ralph Lauren Sport Coat 54 L $71.08

RL 54 L Sport Coat

The Story:

I don’t remember exactly where I purchased this sport coat but it had a combination of things going for it.  #1 Size (54 Long), #2 Material (Silk & Wool) & #3 Brand (Ralph Lauren).

Classic styling and a good color.

I started it off on auction at $49.99 and it was bid up to $71.08.

Price Paid: $5-$8 


10.  Justin Cowboy Boots 13 D $71.03

Justin Barnwood Boots

The Story:

These were purchased at a goodwill in small town Nebraska!  I find boots in small towns quite a bit but they are typically to worn for re-sell.  This pair was clean and overall in great shape and CHEAP!

I started them off on auction at $49.99 and they were bid up to $71.03.

Price Paid:   $5


What About You?

Did February meet or exceed your expectations?

What sold well for you?

Any Surprises?

Let us know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “TOP TEN SALES February 2017

  1. Hi Jesse,

    I had a great February. My March is shaping up to be the best month I’ve ever had as a reseller. All in all, things are good :).

    My top sales for Feb:

    1. Vintage Rowboat Oars (paid about $8, sold for $230) – mentioned these in a previous comment. They were super long-tail and someone signed up for an eBay account just to buy these oars! I will admit that since these were way outside of my normal shipping protocol, it did take me about 30 min to package them. That’s about 29 more min. than it takes for any other item.
    2. NWT Deadstock 80s Levi’s Men’s Jeans, Size 33 x 32 (paid $2, sold for $106) – these sat for about 8 weeks. I tried auction, no bids and they ended up selling while on sale
    3. Lot of 4 BR Women’s Dress Pants, Size 6 Long (paid $4, sold for $90) – got these on a FB group – 10 pairs of BR 6L dress pants for $10. The gal had these 4 which were the same fit and 4 different colors, so I put them in a lot. Had quite a few watchers when they sold too!
    4. Tom Ford Dress Shirt, Size Large (paid $2, sold for $80) – this sold at auction in Jan then was returned. Listed as BIN and it sold the same day while on sale as the deadstock Levi’s. The day I found this I did go through every single men’s shirt in the thrift store to see if there were any more, but didn’t have any luck. Fact of note, too — I noticed that based on the color tag for the item, it was likely on the sales floor for at least 10 days (could have been as many as 17) before I found it!
    5. Lot of 3 Santorelli pants Sz 36 x 32 (paid $3, sold for $78) – same size, same style, three different colors (black, brown and blue). I love matching up items like this and selling them in lots. Seem to move well for me and cuts back on postage and fee expenses when compared to three separate transactions.


    • Matt – I am learning SO much from you! I can’t thank you enough for sharing. I really like how you group your lots – smart and makes a ton of sense. I also like how you stretch the price on your lots and are patient with them.

      As for your sales in February and March –> Fantastic! Couldn’t be happier for you. Hope that trend continues.


  2. Great post, this is very helpful. Robert Graham prices are all over the board.  I have not found the highly decorated like you listed. Guess we Okies are not into RG.I need to concentrate on boots.Gary

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


    • Hey Gary!

      I’m curious, where do you shop for inventory in Oklahoma? I’ve been to Oklahoma City a couple of times and Tulsa once. Our kids had softball / baseball tourneys there and I spent one whole day thrifting there both times.

      Boots and shoes are great for re-sell and they sell year round which is a major bonus! The problem I run into is there are a lot of people who buy and re-sell shoes and you have to be out a lot to find them in volume. I’m just curious what it’s like for you.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to share with us!


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