TOP TEN SALES January 2017

Hello!  Here is a look at what January produced for me at the top.

 1.  A-2 Leather Aviator Bomber Jacket  $255


The Story:

This jacket was purchased in a small church store in my hometown.  It’s the kind of store that you only seem to go to once in a while because they have odd hours and a small amount of inventory.   When I found this jacket I knew it was a good one but wasn’t exactly sure of the value until I had some time to research it.  The jacket is made by ‘Flight Suits Ltd’ and they are custom-made goatskin jackets that retail for $400-$500.  It was really clean and in great shape!

I started it off on auction at 149.99 and it was bid up to its selling price of $255.

Price Paid:  $20.00

2.  Brooks Brothers Sheepskin Shearling Coat  $199


The Story:

This coat came from a mid-market thrift store.  I’ve said this before but it seems as though sheepskin coats get overlooked by a lot of people and I knew this was a good one when I picked it up.  After researching the completed auctions there wasn’t  much to compare it to so I just set my own price.  I may have gotten more if I wanted to wait a few more months but I was happy with a profit of $190.

I started it off on auction at 199.99 and it didn’t sell.  I turned it into a buy it now and it sold a couple of days later.

Price Paid:  $10


3.  St John 2pc Pant Suit 14 / 16  $112


The Story:

This came from a large market thrift store in the ’boutique’ section.  Typically, I would never pay $40 for any item but St John knits always sell well for me and I felt comfortable that I could get at least $100 for it.  This was two different sizes (14 & 16) which is somewhat of a risk but the larger sizes typically do well.

I started it off on auction at $99.99 and it was bid up to its selling price of $112.  Looking back at this auction now, I wish I would have started it at $149.99 to see if someone would have paid that for it.  I’m happy with a $72 profit but $110 sounds better.

Price Paid:  $40

4.  Vintage Womens Christian Dior Tweed Overcoat  $99


The Story:

This was purchased in a mid-market thrift store.  Vintage Christian Dior is not a quick sell but there are buyers out there who will pay a good price for it.  The key is to be patient and wait for the right person to come along.  This is an actual Irish tweed and the fabric is great!

I started it off on auction at $99.99 and it didn’t sell.  I turned it into a buy it now and it sold a couple of months later.

Price Paid:  $7-8


5.  New Mens LL Bean Toggle Coat  $99


The Story:

This was purchased in a large-market thrift store.  Here’s the deal with this coat…I didn’t even realize it was new until I got it home!  I was so focused on looking for moth damage or holes that I missed the tag – BONUS!  I originally thought that I could get $59 or so for the coat but after the I discovered the tags I bumped up the price to $99.

I had a ton of people asking me to lower the price or ship it for free and I politely declined.  After a couple of weeks someone came along and paid full price, no questions asked.  The lesson to be learned here is that if you are getting a lot of questions on a certain item stay firm on your price, the interest is there and someone will pay what you are asking. 

I started this off on auction at $99 and it didn’t sell.  I turned it into a buy it now and it sold for the asking price.

Price Paid:  $10

6.  Iowa State Swimming Diving Robe  $99


The Story:

This was purchased at a mid-market thrift store.  I knew when I bought this that it was a unique, one of a kind item and I would most likely have to wait for the right buyer to come along.  It could take up to six months.  I actually wrote about this exact piece in a recent blog you can read here.  It sold within a couple of months of buying it and there were no problems!

I started it off on auction at $99 and it didn’t sell.  I turned it into a buy it now and it sold for the asking price.

Price Paid:  $7-8


7.  Mens Ralph Lauren Overcoat  $97


The Story:

This was purchased in a large market thrift store.  The longer I sell on eBay, the more I find myself gravitating to larger size items.  They simply bring more money.  I knew right away that this would sell for at least $50 and could go as high as $100.

I started it off on auction at $49 and it was bid up to the selling price of $97.

Price Paid:  $10


8.  Ming Wang Jacket 1X  $94


The Story:

I don’t remember exactly when or where I purchased this jacket.  What I do remember is that I sold it for $64 or $65 a month before and it was returned back to us from the customer.  We re-listed it on auction and it sold for even more the second time through.  I love it when that happens!

Plus size Ming Wang, Misook, Eileen Fisher, etc are like gold.

We started this off on auction at $34.99 and it was bid up to its selling price of $94.

Price Paid:  $5-6


9.  Petrocelli Overcoat Wool Cashmere 48 L  $81


The Story:

This was purchased at a small-market thrift store on a sale day.  Everything in the store was 50% and I was on my home from a large-market shopping day.  Petrocelli isn’t a ‘big selling’ brand but ‘big and tall’ sells well.  This was a nice coat and it had a good bidding war that raised the price beyond my expectations.

This started off on auction at 39.99 and was bid up and sold for $81.

Price Paid:  $2.50


10.  Hart Schaffner Marx Suit 46 S  $81


The Story:

This was purchased locally on a $1 sale day.  NOT BAD!  Hart Schaffner Marx suits have been doing well for me lately but I have been picky.  The ones that are selling well are recent and typically a size 46 or larger.  This was the beauty of auction and bidding war!

This was started off on auction at $49. and it was bid up to $81.

Price Paid:  $1



What sold well for you in January?

Where there any surprises?

Anything that took off on auction?

A buy it now that sat for a while but paid off in the long run?


We want to hear about it in the comments below!


I have updated the Des Moines Thrift Experiment with new numbers that are updated through 2/22 – TAKE A LOOK and see how it continues to pay off in a big way.


Have a great day!




6 thoughts on “TOP TEN SALES January 2017

  1. Hi Jesse!

    I saw that leather coat (the #1 sale) and thought to myself, I wonder where he picked that up at? Great. Sale.

    I had a solid January:

    1. Allen Edmonds dress shoes (sold for $130, paid $8). They were black Park Avenue’s in size 11 and I got the out of the cart at GW as they were putting out new shoes. Cart was full of Eccos that they had priced over $10 per pair and weren’t perfect, so I assume the same person donated these Edmonds. Listed on a Friday, sold on the following Monday.
    2. Lot of 3 pairs of Chico’s Dress Pants (sold for $75, paid about $6-7 total). I sometimes put together lots of slacks when I get the same size and style in the same brand from a thrift store. These were big (size 3 Chico’s) and were a skinny ankle pant which have been selling well for me. I had priced at $100 and took a best offer.
    3. Giorgio Forelli Suit (sold for $70, paid $3.50). Got 2 of these suits several months ago in GW (they had put the suit slacks in the men’s pants section and the coats in the blazer section, I know you love when they do that) I paired them back up and paid about $17 for 5 suits that day.
    4. Rock Revival women’s skinny jeans (sold for $70, paid $2)
    5. Tony Lama boots (sold for $70, paid $10 off a local FB site)

    I wanted to also say that I think I can begin to see your influence on my shopping habits (and, by correlation, my sales). Before Nov. & Dec. last year I had only a few items sell over $50 — the vast majority of my sales are right around $20. January had some solid sales and February has been even better. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share ideas and start the conversation! Thank you!


    • Those are fantastic sales!

      1. The Allen Edmonds – what a turnaround in price and TIME! Holy Smokes.
      2. Great price point on the Chicos. A lot of people would have not started there and you did the right thing by setting your price higher and getting the most out of them.
      3. I love that you used FB as a sourcing opportunity. I think that gets missed by most re-sellers.

      Thank you so much for sharing! I’m learning right along with you!


  2. One more thing! You are absolutely correct on the comment on your LL Bean coat — I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had items pick up watchers quick, get questions and offers on things that I know I priced competitively. There are some items that you should take the sale when it presents itself and there are others that you should sit on and wait for the right buyer to come along. It’s tough, because experience is really key in knowing when to pull the trigger and when to wait it out and it shows in this case.

    I had a child’s Boden coat that I listed last fall that picked up about 15 watchers in the first couple days it was listed. I had offers of 50-75% of my list price, but I knew that if I waited I would be able to get the $50 I was asking for it. Similarly, I had someone offer me $15 on a pair of NWT GAP dress pants a couple months ago (I had them priced at $40, since they were new and size 16 — bigger sizes sell better!). I politely declined and waited it out. This morning — $40 sale. One last one — I had a pair of vintage rowboat oars that I picked up at GW for $8 about a year ago. I tried selling them locally as decor (they looked like something straight out of a Pottery Barn magazine) and the best offer I could get was about $40. I decided to list them on eBay and, after waiting months and months and literally having thousands of page views, I sold them for $200. A pain to ship, but even if it took me a half hour to box them up, it was worth it!


    • Sometime’s it’s all about patience, isn’t it? I’m not a very patient seller to be honest. I’m working on it and see the value in waiting as I continue to educate myself and understand how this whole thing works.

      The oars story is fantastic. Study the seller ‘Ryannesvintage’ sometime. They have the ‘Scavenger Life’ podcast and they find success in pricing odd or unique items at VERY high prices and wait and wait. Eventually those sales come in like a funnel. It works for them.


  3. Hi Jesse! You always find the coolest stuff! I wanted to share a recent sale, it’s back to those stupid Quacker Factory sweaters. I recently found 15 sweaters & shirts in Omaha, all in a 3X. They were hideous; flamingos, butterflies, hearts and flags and one with a monkey hanging from a tree. I bought them all for $3.59 each. I just sold 7 of them to one person each for $19.99. One shirt was a corduroy button up that had embroidered flowers on it that ended up selling for $100, two people got into a bidding war and the one lady ended up winning. I still shake my head when I find them, but always purchase them when I do. And I completely agree with the larger sizes, not just QF stuff, but in general. Thanks again for sharing, love hearing about your successes as well as other sellers’ input.


  4. Gretchen – I love that you are starting to find your niche! That’s such a critical piece to selling on ebay. I’m so happy and AMAZED at the sells you have with Quacker Factory. God bless the buyers of those sweaters!

    The bidding war you had is what makes selling on ebay so fun and another reason in my opinion why everything should start off on auction FIRST. You just never know.

    Great Sales!


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