March has been the best month in sales for us the past couple of years – better than any fall month.  I’m not exactly sure I can explain why but my thought is because people receive tax returns and spring fever is in the air.

Other sellers I know have also experienced similar, great sales in March.

After March?  Well, it’s a step down in sales each month until you get to August and the beginning of Fall.

Why do I bring this up in January?


It’s time to list like a maniac.

We know that in order to take advantage of March sales we need to have our store loaded and ready to go for more shoppers.  We’re very good at getting listings on consistently every week but have piles of things that we put off for whatever reason.

There is a great podcast that we listen to every week called ‘The Scavenger Life’ and they refer to them as death piles.  Piles of stuff that are sitting around collecting dust and taking up space but no one can buy them because you haven’t listed them yet.

Side note… I highly recommend listening to this podcast or checking out their website. Really great information.

Our Plan:

Angii and I have gone through our inventory and figured out everything that is just sitting around, not listed.  We have a plan in place to list an extra amount of items each week leading up to March.  Following this plan, we will take advantage of the extra shoppers that seem to magically appear in March.


Our collection of STUFF.  Our plan is to have it all listed by March by doing a little bit extra each week.

I’m curious…

Do you have things sitting around unlisted?

What are your plans with them?

What do you think keeps you from listing certain things that sit off to the side?


Let me know in the comments below.


Next Week:

I’m excited to share with you my ‘thrift store experiment’ – stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “MARCH + LISTINGS = SALES!

  1. We are pretty good about getting through the “death piles” here. My technique, generally, is to allow a few hundred similar items (say, women’s jeans) pile up over a couple weeks time then work through all of them at the same time. Listing seems to go much quicker when you can list a whole bunch of “one-offs”. We usually try to keep the unlisted stack at about 300 items or less and we try to list 150 new pieces each week so worst-case-scenario we have two weeks of work as a backlog :).


  2. That’s a really good system Matt. I think my death piles accumulate for a couple of different reasons. One, there is a flaw of some kind that I want to fix; a broken button, a small discoloration. Others are things that I purchase that are totally out of my norm; books, artwork, hats; antiques, etc. Things that I know at the time are a good buy but don’t fit in my normal routine or system. Clothing items that sit are typically lower price points so there is no sense of urgency.

    I have a similar system with blazers that you do with pants and can hammer those out with more ease.

    I’m trying to decide if it’s worth buying the oddball stuff I never seem to list until it piles up and gets to the point where I need to do something with it. I probably always will because it all sells eventually… but I just need to put together a better system that moves through these items quicker.


    • I’ve decided that for the most part, the oddball stuff isn’t worth it.

      I’ll make exceptions for exceptional things, but my business model works with a specific set of items. Like you, I’ve had a couple boxes of odds and ends that I have had sitting for quite some time, meaning to get to listing them “someday”. Likewise, selling outside of my normal categories brings up a plethora of other issues — shipping something fragile when I seldom have boxes around that could accommodate such an item, electronics that don’t work days after they arrive for the buyer, etc., etc….

      For us, it’s usually just not worth it 🙂


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