Cookies For the Mailman.

With only a few days before Christmas, it’s a good time to remember your mailman.

Every Christmas, we make sure and give Doug (our mailman) cookies or some type of snack.  In fact, we do it a few times a year to let him know that we appreciate him.  I don’t have many conversations at all with Doug but when we are in a pinch or need help he is willing to go the extra mile.  He may not care about the cookies and just give them to someone else but he does care that we are thinking about him.

Every time he smiles and goes out of his way to thank us.  It goes a long way AND I do think he eats the cookies….

cookies mailman.jpeg


Who else do you know in your business that you can give to?

  •  Employees at the thrift store (Box of goodies for all to share)
  •  Accountant / Bookkeeper
  •  Neighbors (if you have a physical location)
  •  Who else can you think of?

The point is a few bucks invested to let those around you know that you care is simply being a good person.  It never hurts to have more people in your corner.

Until Next Time – Merry Christmas!



One thought on “Cookies For the Mailman.

  1. Good idea, Jesse. I just put a box of goodies on my porch with this sign:
    Please take some goodies to enjoy while on your route!
    Thank you so much for making holiday shopping easier for those sell and those who buy.
    Happy Holidays to you and your families!

    I don’t know how to incude a picture in this reply, so I’ll tell you that the box has bottled water, bags of chips, rice krispies treats, sandwich/cheese & crackers and granola bars.



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