My TOP TEN Sales – November

I find it interesting to see what other people sell because we can all learn from each other.  I have put together a list of my top ten sales for the month of November.  Hopefully, it will benefit you to keep your eyes out for things that you may overlook at times.

Sales on eBay are unpredictable but this is my November.  I do charge for shipping on almost all of my listings, these prices reflect the sale price only.

1.  St John 2pc Skirt Suit  $227.50


The Story:

This suit was purchased in a large market thrift store on a sale day.  The place was packed when I went into the store and I only found two items, this suit and an Armani suit.  St John typically does very well for me but this one did particularly well because of the holiday season.  It was missing one of the cuff jewels but still did great.

This was listed as an auction starting at $99.99 and was bid up.

Price Paid:  $6.50

2.  Chanel Jacket  $200.00


The Story:

This was purchased in a large market thrift store.  I had a coupon to use and got it for 30% off.  Whenever I find a piece like this I will look through EVERY piece in the store to try and find more but unfortunately I did not find any more Chanel.  DARN!  I did find some other high end women’s suits that ended up doing well for me.  Had I been patient, I probably could have gotten more for this jacket but I’m not into keeping things around for a long time if I can get a fair price for it.

This was listed on auction at $299.99 and did not sell so I turned it into a buy it now with a best offer and accepted the offer a few days later.

Price Paid:  @ $10.00

3.  Daniel Cremieux Leather Jacket  $152.50


The Story:

This was purchased in a large market thrift store.  I typically don’t have a ton of luck with Daniel Cremieux, in particular the suits that have Loro Piana fabric and won’t pay much for them.  They have to be in fantastic shape for me to purchase.  This jacket was different, it had a quality to the leather that was top notch and it was very clean,  I couldn’t pass it up.  It exceeded my selling expectations by quite a bit.

This was listed as an auction with a starting price of $74.99 and was bid up.

Price Paid:  $15.00

4.  Vintage Herringbone Tweed 3pc Pant Suit  $130.50


The Story:

This was purchased in a medium market thrift store.  I had spent the whole day shopping and was feeling a little bit down because I hadn’t found as much as I had hoped.  This suit was found at the very last store I went to and I knew the second that I found it that it would sell well.  Three piece suits do well.  Herringbone, three piece suits do better.  But big & tall (48 L), herringbone, three piece suits do the best.  It’s hard to find vintage pieces in larger sizes and that’s the reason this one sold for more than a regular size.

This started off on auction at 74.99 and was bid up.

Price Paid:  $6.49

5.  Vintage Shearling Sheepskin Coat  $105.00


The Story:

This was purchased in a small market thrift store on the way home from a buying trip to a larger market.  For some reason, a lot of people don’t realize sheepskin coats and pass them up.  I vary rarely pass up a sheepskin / shearling coat and will pay a good price for it.  This coat had some flaws (staining & scuffs) but I still was confident that I could make some money on it.

This was listed as an auction at $149.99 and did not sell.  I turned it into a buy it now with best offer option and ended up selling it for $105.

Price Paid:   34.99

6.  Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed Jacket  $99.99


Brooks Brothers Harris Tweed.jpg

The Story:

Awesome Jacket.  This was purchased in a small market thrift store on the way home from a larger market.  Same story as the Sheepskin coat listed at #5.  I walked into a store that had a ton of stuff I was interested in and this was jacket I was most excited about.

This was listed on auction at 99.99 and sold but was returned back because it didn’t fit.  I turned it into a buy it now of $99.99 and it sold shortly after.

Price Paid:  $5.00 – 6.00

7.  Vintage 1940’s 2pc Suit  $99.00


The Story:

Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I bought this suit.  I will always buy suits from the 40’s as long as they are in good shape.  I can deal with one or two small holes but it’s hard to find them without moth damage of some kind.  Whenever I do find one in good shape like this one I stick to my guns on the price.  They are not easy to find and typically when you do find them they are very small.  If you can find one in a larger size, don’t settle for anything less than $250.

This was listed on auction at 99.99 and did not sell.  I turned it into a buy it now of $99.99 and waited for the right person to come along.

Price Paid:  Don’t remember exactly but no more than $10.00

8.  Scully Western Leather Jacket  $91.00


Cool Jacket!  This was purchased in a large market thrift store.  I will almost always buy men’s leather blazers if the price is right.  They can vary based on brand, size and color but Scully leather has always done well for me.  I bought this knowing that it would do well but it exceeded my expectations.

This was listed on auction at a starting price of $49.99 and was bid up.

Price Paid:  $10.00

9.  Hickey Freeman Sport Coat  $87.82


The Story:

Out of everything on this list, this one surprised me the most.  It was purchased in a large market thrift store with a 30% coupon.  Although Hickey Freeman is a high end and quality brand it typically just sits around for me.  I have bought so many different ones over the years but this one was different.  I will say that the fabric on this jacket was pretty incredible – very soft and rich.  It probably also helped that it was a larger size.  What it really came down to was a bidding war between two buyers and it escalated from there.

This was listed on auction at $24.99 and was bid up.

Price Paid:  $5.00

10.  Robert Graham Shirt  $86.00


The Story:

This shirt was purchased at a large market thrift store.  Whenever you see a Robert Graham shirt at a reasonable price you just buy it.  It’s going to sell.  For how much?  That can vary.  I’ve had some sell for $25 and others climb near $100 as this shirt did.  I don’t know what designs do better than others but the contrast cuff is desirable by most buyers.

This was started on auction for $39.99 and was bid up.

Price Paid:  $6.00



Please let me know something about what you sold.  What were a couple of things you sold recently that did really well or surprised you?  MITCH – I know you are out there and your sales are probably through the roof.  MATT?  GRETCHEN?  KELLY?  KENT?  I know you’re out there.  Let us know and we can continue to grow and learn together.  Share it in the comments below…


6 thoughts on “My TOP TEN Sales – November

    • I would have never know that! Thanks a ton for sharing. When looking at re-selling mugs what are some things to look for? Brands? Age? I’m sure there are tons of variables like clothing but are there a couple of things that stand out?


  1. Hi Jesse! I know you know this but Ralph Lauren plus size is pretty much always a sure thing. Also, those hideous Quacker Factory sweaters also do well for me. Neon Buddha and Fenini are some lesser known brands that sell well also. Thanks for showing us some of your sold items above. Wish I would have found the St John suit! I look forward to more emails!


    • Thank you Gretchen! Quacker Factory pretty much amazes me – who wears this sweater? I used to buy them all the time but had stopped over the past few years. I think I stopped buying them because I didn’t understand who would wear them. I’ll have to re-think my strategy.

      Also, I’ve never heard of Fenini but noticed the prices are good. Thanks for tip.

      I love hearing your comments. Keep them coming!


  2. Wow — some really great finds here. Most of which, I wouldn’t pick up myself even if I saw them, due to higher-than-my-normal prices on the front end.

    One of the things I’m already enjoying about this blog is seeing how someone else’s outlook and perspective can enlighten my own with regard to the vision you have for your business. I would almost never spend more than 5-10 dollars on an item for resale, but then again, I seldom sell items for more than $100. It’s good to see another’s perspective and realize that there’s bigger ticket items out there, even if it means investing more in inventory. My philosophy has always been to get a bit of market share, as lower dollar items sell more regularly and use this as the base for the cash flow of the business. In any case, it makes sense to pay more for an item, especially when the item will be a lot more when sold. Work smarter, not harder, right :)?

    My top sales for November were:

    1. A lot of 9 Ralph Lauren men’s dress shirts – I was in a thrift store, later in the day on a sale day — on one of the racks of new inventory there were 4 of these shirts, I needed more items to get the best price per item for the sale, so I started looking through the men’s shirts and found 5 more. Bundled them in a lot for $89.99 and they sold in a couple days. Paid about $20 total.
    2. A pair of CAbi ponte leggings that were new (and from the Fall 2016 catalog), paid $2, sold for $79.99
    3. A Christian Dior Suit, sold for $79.99 (paid $3)
    4. Pair of Men’s G-Star jeans, sold for $59.99 (paid $2)
    5. Pair of Footprints (Birkenstock) Men’s dress shoes, sold for $59.99 (paid $8)


    • Matt – Great sales! If you can buy things right and turn them into a LOT they can do well. Love the price you got for the Christian Dior suit, that’s not real common and your patience paid off.

      Your opinion is so valued here. We can learn a ton by opening the conversation. Just like you, I’m learning about ways to buy and sell that I never thought of before.


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