Welcome to The Ebay Edge!

This blog has been a goal of mine for some time and I’m excited to get it started.  Thanks a ton for taking a minute to read it.  Today we’ll talk about my journey and how The Ebay Edge may benefit you.

Eight years ago I quit my ‘real job’ and started selling full time on ebay.   At the time it was a risky move because my wife, Angii and I had four kids to feed.  Thinking back to what I know now compared to when I got started scares the heck out of me.  How did I ever make it?  There were so many unknowns that I didn’t know even existed.  I struggled to make it.

Then I met my mentor, Mitch.  Mitch was an extremely, successful ebay seller and had one of the largest, ebay selling accounts nationwide.  He was kind enough to take me under his wing, share his wisdom and invest six months working side by side with me.  The insight I gained from those six months was more than any ‘ebay school’ could have taught me.  To this day I’m forever thankful for the patience and knowledge he shared with me.  Hopefully, we will dive into Mitch’s career at a later time.

Having a mentor allowed me to acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge that has helped me become successful selling on ebay.

My goal is to give back and help mentor others as I was fortunate enough to be mentored.  Not everyone has the ability to hang out with one of the top ebay sellers in the nation for six months and have a continued friendship that is a phone call away.

That brings me to ‘The Ebay Edge’.  I’m by no means a ‘know it all’ when it comes to selling on ebay and I actually continue to learn everyday.  I believe we can learn from each other and hope that what you read here will make some impact in your business moving forward.

Tips and Strategies  we will discuss:

–   Inventory / Sourcing

–   Customer Service

–   Photography

–   Listing

–   Shipping

–   Inventory Management (Organizing & Storing)

–   Obstacles to Overcome

–   Insight From Highly Successful Ebay Sellers

–   AND Much More…

Please let me know what you would like to hear about in the upcoming posts in the comments below.  Stay tuned as we will begin to dive into our first topic next week.


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