TOP TEN SALES March 2017

Better late than never!  Here are my top sales from March.   1.  Womens Wilsons Shearling Sheepskin Coat  $124.99 The Story: This shearling coat came from a mid-market Goodwill.  It was clean and in really good shape but made by Wilson's leather.  Wilson's isn't really know for their sheepskin coats and this style doesn't do … Continue reading TOP TEN SALES March 2017


Summer Selling – Mens Shorts

This is part one of a series on clothing to sell during the summer. I wanted to take a dive into mens shorts to start.  It doesn't matter how familiar you are with shorts it's a pretty easy thing to purchase, photo, ship and list.  The key is to have an idea of what sells … Continue reading Summer Selling – Mens Shorts